10 To-Dos for October Home Maintenance!

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October 13, 2020
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October 15, 2020

Since it is October now and the weather is changing, we wanted to put together a small checklist full of to-do’s when it comes to maintaining your home this fall.

  1. Clear Out Rain Gutters and Down Spouts: This is a leading cause of water damage to a home, so make sure you clear gutters, blockages, and downspouts so that no building and flooding will occur.
  2. Clean Your Fireplace: Cleaning your fireplace will ensure that there is no debris inside, and no birds will nest in it, as they sometimes like to.
  3. Neaten Up the Mudroom: During this time of year, your mudroom may be looking a bit worse so make sure to clean the floors and maybe even get a new doormat. This one’s especially for the people with kids in the house who like to track mud in.
  4. Check Safety Devices: Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the house, and replace batteries in needed. Also, check your fire extinguisher for the expiration date and additionally replace it if needed.
  5. Rake Leaves: This is one that most people remember to do, but we wanted to include it just in case you forgot. A tip for if you have a larger lawn is to rake the leaves into a large plastic tarp then bag it or add it to your compost pile.
  6. Cover or Store Outdoor Furniture and Grills:  If you’re planning on leaving your grill or any outdoor furniture out, make sure you cover them well and store them under an overhang to protect them from the rain and possibly snow.
  7. Trim Dead Tree Limbs: The weather has already gotten pretty windy, and dead limbs are much more likely to fall during a storm which makes them a potential safety hazard.
  8. Vacuum Radiators, Baseboard Heaters, and Heating Grates: Vacuuming the dust off of these is a good way to prepare for the heating season and to keep your radiators, heaters, and heating grates in good condition.
  9. Start a Gift List: Even though it is not the holidays yet, you still may want to get future presents organized or start making homemade ones. Creating a list of all the people you plan to give gifts is a great way to stay on top of things and to keep track of your budget.
  10. Decorate for Halloween: This one is a super fun one and helps you to get in the spirit of Halloween and fall. Get an early start on shopping and decorating, especially if you’re planning to do a more elaborate display.