5 Tips For Organizing Your Bedroom!

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July 19, 2019
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July 22, 2019

1. Put a pegboard in the inside of your closet. Putting a pegboard in your closet will help you organize your room/closet. You can put your shoes on it, bags/purses, hats, jewelry, and more! You can get pegboards for cheap, and at many stores (for example a white pegboard at Home Depot is only $8.98). https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dimensions-48-in-H-x-24-in-W-White-Pegboard-109099/202093803
2. Store items under your bed. This can get messy if you do it wrong, but if you do it right the result will be very effective. There are a couple of ways you can store items under your bed. One of them is if your bed already comes with drawers underneath it. If it does, then just organize the items (that you plan on putting underneath your bed) and place them neatly in the drawers. If you don’t have anything under your bed, you can get large (or smaller, it just depends on you) containers. These are usually plastic, but you can get ones made out of other materials. You can also get these at many stores. Plus, if you’re handy you can build your own!
3. Get a hanging organizer. I recently got a hanging organizer for my closet and it has helped me organize a lot. Its so easy to put up and works so well for organization. You can store lots of items and it will definitely help you to declutter your closet.
4. Organize your sweaters with a hanging shoe organizer. A hanging shoe organizer is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shelf that you hang up and put your shoes in. But, you don’t just have to put your shoes in it. If you have a lot of sweaters (or coats) you can fold them or roll them up and place them in the shoe organizer. This is a very simple, yet effective hacks.
5. Put compartments in your drawers. Lots of people are embarrassed by how messy and unorganized their drawers are. But its so easy to organize them, and by adding compartments to your drawers you can begin. You can buy them, or make them. You can also use these compartments anywhere in your house, not just your bedroom. One of the best places to put compartments is in your kitchen!

Have fun on all your organizing adventures!