6 Gardening Tips For Beginners! – Blaine WA

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June 14, 2020
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June 23, 2020

Since we are all trying to stay-at-home right now, a lot of people have taken up the wonderful art of gardening. Gardening is an extremely fun activity to do by yourself or with others, and there are many tips for beginners. Here are a few tips to help out with your gardening adventures.

  1. Find the right location. Finding the right location for where to plant and do gardening is a very important first step. It is similar to buying a house, you need to find the best place for you. When picking a location, you should look for a place in your garden that you’ll see regularly so you’ll spend more time gardening.
  2. Plant close to water. You need to plant close to a water source so that you can run a hose to your garden site, which is better than having to lug water to it every time it needs watering. The best way to tell if your plants need water is to press a finger an inch down into the soil and see if it’s dry or not.
  3. Planting in containers. If you don’t have a lot of room, planting in containers is a great substitute. Many plants can grow in pots, such as vegetables, herbs, and berries. This is especially great for when you don’t have a big yard or any yard at all, and you can put your plants on your porch or deck. You can also get indoor plants and put them in your home.
  4. Add mulch. Adding mulch can help reduce weeds and reduce moisture loss through evaporation, which means you wouldn’t have to water as much. You should apply a layer of mulch about 2 to 3 inches deep around each plant.
  5. Learn the frost dates. The frost dates for your plants are important to learn and will vary. You need to make sure you’re not planting too early or too late. Learn the last average spring frost date for your area so you won’t put your plants out prematurely. You can also look at your average fall frost date so you can know when to harvest or move your plants indoors.
  6. Choose the right plants. The last tip is about choosing your plants carefully. You want to pick plants that will fit into the growing conditions that you have and ones that you would like to plant for your own reasons. Maybe you want a certain type of flower that will look pretty, or you want to plant carrots to eat.

Hopefully, you have learned something from this and you will have lots of fun with your gardening adventures!