6 Moving Tips!

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July 22, 2019
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July 23, 2019
  1. When getting boxes, get a variety of sizes. It is super important to get a variety of sizes for the boxes when you are moving. You might think that you’ll just need large boxes, but it is important to get some boxes that are different sizes. This will enable you to get your items packed safely, and some items fit better in the smaller boxes.
  2. Make sure to not run out of other moving supplies. You will probably be able to get enough boxes, but make sure you don’t run out of things like tape. Tape guns are a great purchase when moving, and they will make the job of packing so much easier. Plus, they usually are pretty cheap!
  3. Always take care of the fragile items. Taking care of your fragile items means labeling them as ‘fragile’ and packing them with paper. You can also group more delicate items together to make sure they will be ok.
  4. Get lots of boxes. This may seem like something everyone knows to do, but many people don’t order/buy enough boxes when moving. Don’t be worried about getting too many, because it’s better to get too many than not enough.
  5. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes. You need to make sure that when you’re packing to not pack the heaviest items in large boxes. This will make it very difficult to carry them in and unpack. Instead, pack the heavier items in smaller boxes; when heavier items are packed in smaller boxes they are also much easier to carry. This rule goes the opposite for lighter items, because you need to pack them in the bigger boxes.
  6. Never pack more than one room in one box. This is a simple rule, but very important. If you pack one room in one box, it will be so much easier to unpack and move into your new home.

                       Good luck on all of your moving adventures!