Tide to Table: A Celebration of The Salish Sea Event in Blaine WA!

Cornhole at The Sportsplex in Bellingham WA!
April 8, 2022
Earth Week Activities Starting This Sunday! – Bellingham WA
April 13, 2022

This Tuesday and Wednesday, Drayton Harbor Oyster Company will be hosting their annual Tide to Table event. This event celebrates the Salish Sea and all of the workers that have contributed to the developments and work done to the sea. There will also be lots of delicious food including fresh seafood that has been harvested in local waters. This event will be held at Drayton Harbor Oyster on the deck under the Oyster Dome. The proceeds for this event will be going towards the advocacy and community development work that the Working Waterfront Coalition has performed, including a new Apprenticeship Program. For more information: https://www.bellingham.org/eventdetail/24466/tide-to-table-a-celebration-of-the-salish-sea