5 Hacks to Organize Your Kitchen

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July 25, 2019
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July 26, 2019
  1. Store Dry Goods in Jars. This is a great hack when it comes to organizing your kitchen. This is because of how easy it is, and how nice it looks. You can use random jars or mason jars and simply put your dry goods in the jars. You can put things like chia seeds, rice, flour, cocoa powder, and more! Make sure that if you do this to label all your jars (with a marker or a label maker). Next, put them nicely in your pantry or cupboard, and voila, you’re done!
  2. Use Mason Jars to Organize Your Fridge. If you know anything about organizing kitchens, you’ll know that mason jars come in handy quite a bit. You can use mason jars for prepping snacks for your week. You can put vegetables, fruits, parfaits, salads, and more. The mason jars also look really nice and neat when they’re in a fridge.
  3. Label Your Drawer Components. Like I said in my article about organizing your bedroom (https://peacearchrealestate.com/5-tips-for-organizing-your-bedroom/)drawer components are a fantastic way to organize your drawers. The reason for labeling them is so you will know where to put things if you forget. This helps so much, and it looks nice too. You can make the labels with paper and a marker, printing them out, or by using a label maker.
  4. Store Cutting Boards in a Wire Basket On the Inside of Your Kitchen Cabinet. The title basically sums it up, but the initial idea is to get a wire basket and put it on the inside of your kitchen cabinet. Then, you can place all of your cutting boards in the basket and that’s it!
  5. Label Your Food in Your Freezer To See If It’s Expired. This isn’t exactly organization for your kitchen, but it’s very valuable. You will be able to see if the food that’s labeled is expired, and/or when it will expire.